Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Brasserie Bread

I've been meaning to come back here. I last visited this cafe when it first opened a few years ago, but haven't had a chance to go back. It's been getting a lot of good reviews, lately, so a colleague and I drove out there for a quick lunch today.

We ordered:
Chicken burger with gruyere cheese & chutney $12.50
(Special, not on the normal menu)
This chicken breast was well marinated, and the gruyere & the sweet chutney were well balanced accompaniments.

Spicy Lamb & Harissa dressing on Schiacciata bread $10.00
I didn't know what to expect with this one, but the Harissa dressing won me over (when ordering). I really loved the Schiacciata bread, especially toasted. Satisfying pieces of lamb in this sandwich with a beautiful, not-too-spicy Harissa dressing.

Bread favourite:
Caramelised Garlic Bread
The best thing to do with this bread is to slice it up, toast/grill, drizzle with a good olive oil, or slather with lots of butter, and spread the slice with one of the many cloves that are dotted in this loaf. This beats any garlic bread you will ever taste anywhere.

Couldn't resist trying a couple of sweets.

Front: Hazelnut & orange friand
What a great combination! I don't think I would have ever put hazelnut & orange together but it was unexpectedly perfect. The friand was lovely & moist.

Back: Coconut & Bluberry friand(?) muffin(?)
Very moist (good), very sweet (too sweet?). I'm glad my colleague & I shared, because I don't think I could've finished this one myself. I appreciated the texture though, but perhaps the sweetness could be cut with a lime or lemon syrup or icing?

Definitely coming back to try some more things on the menu. Watch out for the specials!

1737 Botany Road, Banksmeadow, 2019
phone: 1300 966 845
hours: Mon-Fri 7.00am to 3.00pm, Sat-Sun 8.00am to 2.00pm, Public Holiday - Closed


Belle@Ooh, Look said...

This seems like the happenin' place at the moment! And you seemed to have tried a great range of their stuff.
PS: Welcome to the blogging scene - your blog looks lovely.

Food.4.two said...

Thanks Belle, will be going back soon to try some more stuff.

BTW I love the pics on your blog!


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