Monday, August 24, 2009

Burgerfuel versus Burgerlicious

I'm glad this blog post came out in the smh. It was timed nicely, as I recently had a conversation with someone about which burger place was better - Burgerfuel or Burgerlicious.

Having not tried Burgerlicious at the time of the conversation, I could say nothing but what I knew - that Burgerfuel made the best burgers in Newtown.

After having tried Burgerlicious, I can now say what I know - that Burgerfuel make the best burgers in Newtown!

I apologise in advance for the pictures - but believe me, the burgers are good!

Cheeseburger from Burgerlicious
Bun was mediocre, cheese was not melted. Meat was ok, but what was disappointing was the sauce - it was just regular tomato sauce and mustard. Nothing wrong with these two sauces, but when you're paying more than $5 for a burger...

Hamburgini from Burgerfuel
A nice light meal, flavoursome beef patty, cheese melted, toasted bun, tomato relish. YUM!

Classic burger from Burgerlicious
Same issues as the cheeseburger. Will not be in a rush to go back.

Fuel Burger from Burgerfuel
Bigger beef patty, tomato relish, fresh ingredients, toasted bun. Comes with beetroot. I think the toasted bun with the sesame seeds on top just makes the burger.

Kumera chips with aioli from Burgerfuel

I'll only bother giving you the details for's definitely worth a visit!

172 King St, Newtown NSW 2042
phone:(02) 9519 4700
hours: Sun-Thu 11.00am-10.00pm, Fri-Sat 11.00am-11.00pm


Victor Yaputra said...

Looks yummy...
is it expensive, Deb?
How much for a burger + fries

Food.4.two said...

Hi Vic, $4.90 for the Hamburgini(small) & $8.50 for the Fuel burger(big). Not cheap, but it's unlike a Maccas burger as well...

They do do some meal deals, but we generally don't get that. The Kumara chips are $4.00, and we generally share those :)

Victor Yaputra said...

ok... i might try those when i go to new town or kings cross... :)


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