Friday, August 7, 2009

Coffee & Ladyfingers

I work with a lot of people who enjoy food, whether it's cooking it or consuming it. It makes life at work a lot more pleasant when you all share the same interests!

Within this group of people at work are a bunch of Italians that are passionate not just about any food, but are also passionate about what is "good" Italian food and what is "not good" Italian food, and what we non-Italians do to ruin good old Italian ingredients and recipes. (apparently Parmesan on seafood is a no-no?)

Here's one of the practices that apparently all Italians do (a practice that they've kindly shared with me and I have quickly adopted!).

Some nice ladyfingers (this brand is apparently especially good for making Tiramisu) dunked in your morning/afternoon coffee. Yum!

A big pack of Sweet Italy Ladyfingers are $3.99 at the Haberfield IGA.

(The packet of biscuits in the picture may never make it into a Tiramisu, but will make themselves into many cups of coffee in the near future!)


chocolatesuze said...

heh now youve made me go and buy 2 packets of ladyfingers- 1 to dunk in my coffee and another for my tiramisu!

Food.4.two said...

mmmh..looking forward to seeing the tiramisu on your blog soon!


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