Friday, August 21, 2009

Pempek Clovelly

I must admit this dish is an acquired taste. When I first had it (not here), it didn't quite take, but maybe it was because I didn't have a very good one.

I'm talking about Indonesian deep fried fish cakes. I mean, they're deep fried, so that's a good start right?

At Pempek Clovelly, that make all kinds of shapes of fish cakes. Fish cakes with boiled eggs in the middle, long fish cakes, flat fish cakes, fish cake balls, the list goes on.

My favourites are the long fish cakes (Pempek Panjang) and fish skin fish cakes (Pempek Kulit). Noodles and vermicelli are an optional extra and I'd recommend having them with the dish.

The fish cakes are served with a sweetish sour sauce. It's a unique flavour, made with Indonesian palm sugar and tamarind.

The fish cakes are $2.50 each, except for the one with the egg, which is more expensive. Three $2.50 fish cakes is enough for a good meal.

(Also, if you can ask for them to put the fish cakes on a separate plate, it's even better (to avoid soggyness) - but if you're not so particular...)

The service can be a bit gruff, and you're definitely not there for the ambiance, but it's all about the food. Only gripe is that it closes so early, 8.00pm!

198 Anzac Pde, Kensington NSW 2033

phone: (02) 9697 0009
hours: Mon-Fri 12.00pm - 8.00pm, Thursday closed, Sat-Sun 11.00am - 8.00pm


Jen said...

I still don't know how you can go past the fish cake with egg (pempek kapal salem) but I'll let it slide..

Still can't comment on your other blog btw.. kinda ironic.

Food.4.two said...

@Jen: mmh, that is weird, I already received some comments on it...

Lia said...

Hey Deb, I thought the sauce was made with vinegar?

Food.4.two said...

Hey Lia, yeah, I know I thought so too, but the more I looked into it most of the ingredients say tamarind...I should ask!

Lia said...

Wow, that's interesting... We do learn something new everyday :)
When are we going to have our next lunch date?

Anonymous said...

They use to be good before they becoming famous. since they becoming famous and every1 knew about the place the service just went down the drain and the quality of the food just not as good as before.

The place is not kids friendly place. I was there few months ago with all my family. it happen they have plastic cups for us to drink.

My 11 months old son was playing with the empty PLASTIC CUP. he was hitting the cup onto the table. The old man which happen to be the owner of the restaurant was angry cause my son was playing with the cups and he said that the cups going to crack if his keep on hitting the cups on to the table!!
If you think about it how much power does the 11 months old baby much would it cost for plastic cups??does it cost as much as to lose respect and customers?? Strange but true..

Place is not family friendly any more if you going to take your date to that place think twice. Owner is so crude. Very disappointed after so many years going to that place.


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