Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sydney Food Awards

Time Out Sydney has just published their Sydney Food Awards. They've done a great job!

Here are the ones I can comment on:

Restaurant of the Year : Marque, Surry Hills
Do I agree? I've never been but I've heard from people who have and they haven't been inclined to go back. So although it's a good deal on Fridays (3 courses for $45) are we saying it's nice because it's a much-lauded restaurant? Jury's still out on this but happy to be proven wrong.

Where is Restaurant Balzac on the list? Even though it's not a 3-hat restaurant, I think the food and service is sensational.

Glad to see Est. made it on the list (no.7). I still think of the passionfruit soufflé I had there many many moons ago...

Best Cafe: Cafe Sopra, Waterloo
I do like this place. I think they are one of the best users of seasonal ingredients (advantage of being situated on top of Fratelli Fresh). Get in early (before 12noon), I agree with the review. Must have their battered zucchini flowers stuffed with four cheeses, penne bolognese and their tiramisu made with panettone.

Bitton Gourmet Cafe, Alexandria
Bitton didn't make it on any list, but it's my pick as a great cafe. They serve good Grinders coffee, and a great one pan bacon and eggs. Must try their crepes with orange jelly - it's a small serving but deliciously buttery. They also do a great dinner service on Wed-Fri evenings for $20/main meal. (the garlic bread is a must!)

Best Burger: Rockpool Bar and Grill
Would you really spend $22 on a burger, even if there is wagyu in it? I don't think I could convince my husband to shell out that much for a burger. I definitely think Plan B by Bécasse, should be no.1!

Best Cheap Eat: Black Star Pastry, Newtown
This is a nice cafe. Fantastic coffee, unusual cakes & pastries. But is it the Best Cheap Eat?
Bring on the Bourke St Bakery Pork and Fennel roll (which does get a mention in Best Patisseries) or Chicken Roll from Hong Ha, Mascot($4 or $5 with a drink). Great spring rolls there as well! Or $6 Thai in Newtown....

Glad to see Mamak on the list. I crave Roti Tisu.

Best Thai: Spice I Am Surry Hills
Yes, yes yes! I definitely agree with this one. There are some dishes here that I haven't seen at any other Thai restaurant in Sydney (Basil Crispy Pork Belly, the fermented vermicelli noodles), but even the regular things (red curries, pad thai, green papaya salad) are done extremely well here. Around the corner from the popular one-hatted Longrain, and given the choice between the two, I would choose Spice I Am any day.

Best Yum Cha: Fisherman's Wharf, Pyrmont
I haven't been here, although I've passed by it and been curious.
Without having tried this restaurant, my favourite yum cha has to be Fook Yuen in Chatswood. The only Yum Cha I know that does has trolleys of "beer" as "dish" to be stamped on your card.

Best Desserts: Universal, Darlinghurst
I haven't been here, so I can't comment, but I've heard good things about it.
Again, without having tried this restaurant, my favourite dessert is the bread and butter pudding at Restaurant Balzac. I love the fact that the top of the pudding comes to the table slightly brûléed.

Longrain's banana fritters with palm sugar ice cream is just too good. I have come to Longrain just to share the dessert platter (with 2 or more people!). Glad to see it on the list as a runner up.


Trissa said...

I have to agree. I am dissappointed that Balzac was not on the list. It's one of the best restaurants in Sydney and talk about value for money!

Food.4.two said...

Hi Trissa,

Hoping to try Assiette soon - let's see if that's as good as Balzac!


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