Wednesday, October 7, 2009

San Francisco - Day 1

We only had 2 days in San Francisco, and in between the usual attractions of Alcatraz, Fisherman's Wharf and Union Square, we managed to slot in quite a few food adventures. So here goes!

Lunchtime stop: In-n-Out Burger
Cheap, decent burgers.
Forget about the chips (tragic)
Free refills, get a small drink.
We arrived around lunchtime, and our first stop was Fisherman's Wharf for what I've been told is a Californian icon, the In-n-Out Burger. Reviews tell me that this place was what McDonald's might have been like 50 years ago.

My husband got the Double-Double - double meat double cheese burger and I got a regular cheeseburger. It wasn't the best burger, but for $2.35 for a good-size burger, I'm not complaining at all!

Coffee stop: Peet's Coffee & Tea
Tasted like instant, and milk was NOT frothed with love. Yes, I have arrived in America.
By 4pm, we were feeling the lack of sleep and the loss of a day from the flight over here. Peet's Coffee & Tea is everywhere in SF - it has more of a presence here than Starbucks. It won this poll for the best coffee in SF, so I was hopeful, and excited at the thought of caffeine running through my veins.

I am forever the optimist. Except when it comes to American coffee.

Dinnertime: The Cheesecake Factory

The most extensive menu I've ever seen
Efficient service, delicious complimentary bread and massive servings.
Do share the dishes...I repeat, they are MASSIVE.
Plenty of people from the office often travel to the States and when they come back, they rave on about the Cheesecake Factory. They talk about the menu, how wide and varied it is, how huge the servings are, and how they wouldn't hesitate to go back there again. I was sold.

Appetizer: Crab bites
Mini crab cake bites, crumbed, deep-fried, delicious!

Main meal: BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich
Slow Roasted Pork Covered with Our B.B.Q. Sauce on a Brioche Bun.
Served with Cole Slaw, and French Fries.
This is the most beautiful meat sandwich ever.
And the sauce is just like the basting you get at Hurricane's here in Sydney.
I wish they did something like this here.

Salad: Caesar Salad
A massive Caesar salad, with no bacon (sadly) and a dressing that was made to ward off vampires - it was so garlic-y....

And herein lies our first day in SF. More food adventures in SF coming up!


Jen said...

I gotta say.. those burgers don't look very appetising =/

And american coffee... pfft! They've probably never tasted real coffee with milk before. Puh-lease! =P I wonder if you kept trying and were ever successful?

Food.4.two said...

Jen, read on soon to find out :))

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Hehe if I ever hit SF I'm so going to In and Out burger! I do love a good burger :D

The chips are no good? What a shame!

Debbie Ann said...

Blue Bottle Coffee on Linden
Zuni hamburger
pasta at Quince

I mean, if you want good food in SF.

Food.4.two said...

Thanks Debbie Anne,

See my post on Tartine :)

Betty said...

caesar salad with garlicy dressing- YUM!

r u a fan of aoili sauce? its beautiful..

Food.4.two said...


I love aioli. But I don't think you would've liked this garlic sauce. My tongue started hurting after eating a few bites....

retrodaze said...

Wow that crabcake sandwich and pork sandwich look YUM!!! I'll be in San Fran in January and am so going to hit that up :)


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