Friday, October 16, 2009

San Francisco - Day 2 (Part 3)

We planned one fine dining experience during our quick trip to the US, and I knew we wouldn't get to go to The French Laundry in the Napa Valley, so we decided on something in the city.

I had read a few good reviews of Jardinière, and I felt it was a safe bet being near the symphony/opera/theatre area of SF.

We rocked up without a reservation, but we came at the right time, as the theater/opera goers were on their way out. Apparently, they offer the full menu at the bar & lounge, which is such a great idea, especially for single diners who would like to enjoy a two or three course meal without the conspicuous empty chair across the table.

300 Grove St, San Francisco, CA, 94102
Excellent service, an elegant dining room. I was not at all disappointed with our experience at this restaurant. The food was sensational, not unlike something you would find at a good fine dining restaurant here in Sydney (like est.). The interesting thing about the restaurant is that they have no specials, because they say the menu changes daily.

Entree: Confit Duck Salad
We decided to share an entree and a dessert. When our entree arrived, it came on two plates - that had split the entree for us! I loved this gesture - they didn't scoff at us for sharing an entree and listened to us when we said we'd share, how lovely!

Main: Short Rib
Sorry about the lack of descriptions - I was remiss in not writing down the menu items, but I can tell you that the meat on this plate was so tender - it literally fell apart on the plate and melted in the mouth.

Main: Pan fried halibut on a bed of bell pepper puree
The fish was lovely, well seasoned, not overcooked, golden brown on top. The puree was this intense capsicum flavour, unexpected but a nice accompaniment to the fish.
Dessert: Dessert platter
Mint creme brulee, opera cake, little lemon tart, vanilla tart, shortbreads, chocolates.
The mint creme brulee was surprising. The soothing flavour of fresh mint in the creamy custard was actually quite nice. It's definitely a recipe to experiment with.

And there is our food adventure in San Francisco!
Next stop: Las Vegas

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Belle@Ooh, Look said...

It's always hard to know where to eat when you visit a new place. You seem to have chosen well, grasshopper! Can't wait to see Las Vegas.

Food.4.two said...

Belle, you're too funny :) Thanks!


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