Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This was our last stop in the States. Why Texas? Well, one of our good friends moved here to study, and we'd promised we would visit her. She kindly took us around, and indulged me in my photo taking before meals. Thanks Jenny!

One thing I noticed is that food is quite cheap here. You can get a huge appetizer for $7. Huge meaning, a main-sized meal. Some of the places I went to offered unlimited soft drink refills, or if not, the drinks that came to the table came in a medium bucket. You can be full for a very small cost.

Our friend took us to the Stockyards in Fort Worth, and a Fort Worth institution, Riscky's.

140 E. Exchange Ave, Historic Stockyards in Stockyards Station Fort Worth, Texas 76164
An authentic Texas BBQ restaurant, in a historic setting. And you just have to have BBQ ribs when in Texas...

Riscky's Famous Pork Spare Ribs $10.95
Grade A pork spare ribs rubbed with “Riscky Dust” and smoked for hours over a wood fire and served with Texas toast.
Very different from Hurricane's here, but delicious and smoky.

Riscky's Famous Sliced Beef Brisket Sandwich $6.99
A generous portion of trimmed juicy beef brisket served on a toasted bun.

Texas Mess $7.95
A combination of nuggets of corn, stuffed jalapenos, cheese sticks, and barbequed shrimp.

Babe's Chicken
1006 West Main Carrollton, Texas 75006 (and various other locations)
Comfort food at it's best (as far as my limited knowledge of comfort food goes). This was a favourite of Jenny's friend who has been in Texas for the past decade, and loves food.

I have a colleague who goes on about Southern comfort food and I never really understood what the big deal was, but after trying Babe's, I finally got it, it is absolutely wonderful stuff - fattening - but realllllyy good stuff.

Vegetables and Breads (From top left, clockwise)
Green Salad, Homemade biscuits, beans, Grandma's Corn (creamed corn), mashed potato, gravy (not pictured)

These dishes were unlimited, as much as you wanted.
Once the plate was finished, you could get some more, excellent deal!
And eating the biscuits with honey, so good!

Main Dishes
Each person chooses a meat dish from a selection of Fried Chicken, Chicken Fried Steak, Fried Chicken Tenders, Fried Catfish, Smoked Chicken, Pot Roast and Hickory Smoked Ribs

Chicken Tenders and Fried Chicken
This fried chicken was just so darn good. Better than the best KFC or any kind of fast food fried chicken I've ever had. This is what fried chicken was supposed to taste like!

Smoked Chicken
Smoky, tender chicken, with a tasty marinade.
Banana Pudding
A mushy, custardy banana dessert with a meringue topping.
It was sickly sweet, but apparently a must have when in Texas.
Pineapple Upside-Down Pudding
This was an unexpected delight!
The pineapple cake was served warm, and the cake was moist and the pineapple a tangy accompaniment.
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Jen said...

My auntie from Texas just cooked us bbq pork ribs!Texans do know how to prepare ribs!

Food.4.two said...

They sure do :)

Jenny said...

Now I can always remember how good the foods were - these pictures make them look even better Deb!


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